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Restoration and Renewal 
2023 Pledge Campaign


There are signs of new life all around our church, from new friends and members to bright new hallways and better sound. It is a joy to behold the many ways First Churches is coming back to its former glory.


These past few years have been hard; but we are emerging stronger than ever, with a fresh, new resolve to welcome all people into joyful Christian community as we work to make God’s love and justice real.


We invite you to give generously so that First Churches can continue on this journey of restoration and renewal.

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•   Circles of Care for refugee families, meals for the cot shelter, and visits to those in need

•    Inspiring sermons, stirring music, faith formation for our children, communion, and occasions for fellowship

•    Opportunities for centering prayer, Bible study, and spiritual growth

•    Advocacy for peace and justice, both locally and overseas

•   A meetinghouse where like-minded people of all faiths can gather to promote good work in this world.

Your support enables us all to provide:


So how much should I give?

We are hoping to raise between $215,000 and

$225,000. This will afford us a future where we balance our budget, pay our staff fairly, keep the meetinghouse in good working order, and invest in what we need to keep our worship and ministries strong.


We trust that you will be as generous as you can, with God’s guidance and within your own circumstances. If you have never pledged, we hope that you will join us. If you already pledge, we hope you can continue at your current level of giving, or even increase your giving to keep our ministry strong.

Alternately, if finances are stressful right now, know that we have a Pastor’s Fund to lend a hand.

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Make Your Pledge!
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Thanks for submitting your 2023 pledge! A Financial Secretary will be in touch.

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