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Christmas Pageant

Christmas Pageant

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Roman Soldier Hear ye, O Hear ye, you miserable peasantsYour emperor would like to buy some fine presents.

But the cost of war has drained us dry,So taxes must be raised up higher than high. And just to ensure no one gets off scott free We’re making an accounting of all of you, see. A census must be taken to gauge the amount, Because here in Rome, only Caesar counts.

Innkeeper Mary and Joseph, what a pitiful sight.So tired and dirty, they gave me a fright.“My rooms are all taken; not one empty bed. There’s no room in all of Bethlehem,” I said.But their eyes told a story of hunger and need.I couldn’t avoid them, so I tried a good deed.I cleaned up the stable: Rachel cooked up a meal. We helped all we could, at least, that’s how I feel. For we noticed that Mary was expecting – and soon! So we prepared for delivery right under the moon. The child came quickly. His face seemed a light.As if God’s presence was shining so bright.Joseph said softly. “It’s Jesus, my friend.”God sent him among us to bring to an endAll fear and all hatred, all darkness and sin.God gave us this baby to let God’s love in.

Cow We animals were calm and quieter than normal. We often were noisy and never too formal.But on Christmas night, we were strangely in awe, at the sight of the babe and all that we saw.It’s as if we felt that God had just hushed us, Had fed and watered and carefully brushed us. We knew, I believe, that God had been able,to work a miracle right there in our stable.

Angel Herald We came to the shepherds and boy were they scared! “Angels!” cried one. “Will our very lives be spared?”“Are you here to destroy us? Is our time on earth up? Have we seen our last day? Have we drunk our last cup?”

But “Peace on earth; goodwill to all”was our message for them, our only call.With a light show that dazzled all who did see,We hallelujahed and sang out with glee.“To Bethlehem, shepherds!” we angels directed. “To see Jesus the Christ, whom God has perfected.” “Go worship the Lord and follow his ways.And you shall find joy for all of your days.”

Shepherd We shepherds, I tell you, were scared, we were stunned. “Had we too much hard work or too much hot sun!” That’s what we thought; that’s how we explained. Perplexed and afraid, we loudly complained.But the angels’ song calmed us, and then we believed. We rejoiced in their news and were quite relieved.We went to the stable and worshiped the Lord.And all along the way we spread the good Word.

The Star The star that shone brightly led Magi at nightTo Bethlehem’s stable, to the manger’s strange light. They came bearing gifts, from far away yonder, praising God in the heavens with awe and with wonder. The Wise ones were kings, yet they knelt on the straw. It was the oddest of things that ever I saw.If kings, from far away lands can bring treasure,then maybe you too, can worship with pleasurethe person of Jesus, who came to us all.So worthy of praise, for he brings us God’s call,To love one another as we have been lovedAnd to forgive as we’re forgiven by heaven above.

Angel of Good Tidings T’was the very first Christmas and there in the manger, The Christ-child was born; it couldn’t have been stranger. Shepherds saw angels; Wise Ones, a star.They came to see Jesus; they came from afar.They knew he was special – God’s very own son,He came to the earth to love everyone.He grew up in time, the Savior, the Lord,To be worshiped each day, to be loved and adored.

So now at Christmas we all take delight.In the gift that God gave us that first Christmas night. In the gifts we receive and the ones that we give,Let us never forget, it’s in Christ that we live.

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